Squash Tournament Postponed Due to Power Outage

squashAn unexpected town-wide power outage Sunday led Coach Moore to postpone the NJ State High School Squash Championships after the first round of matches. “It was disappointing to have to cancel the tournament. We’ve been holding it for about seven years and this is the first time I’ve had to cancel it,” Moore said, speaking to Oracle reporter Matt Dev. Though it was an individual placement tournament, Moore did conclude that “given more time, I think Blair as a school would’ve placed exceptionally.”

The tournament included 45 players from eight schools and was slated to play out all day. Players and parents “tolerated the delay with good humor” for more than an hour, but eventually, Moore commented, the coaches began to “look for dates in late February to resume play.” Of course, as is Murphy’s Law, as soon as the families left, the lunch of “two eight-foot submarine sandwiches from the Dog House” arrived and the blackout ended.

During the hour and a half blackout, Mr. Pagotto explained that “Mr. Frick, Mr. Schmitt, and Glenn from Security were addressing a number of campus operations issues while other administrators were planning for worst case scenarios,” which never came to pass. In West Hall, however, another adventure entirely was under way.

(Copyright 2017 Matt Dev, Abby Morris, Tys Sweeney)

Matt Dev

Matt Dev is a senior and an editor for the Oracle.