Squash Interview with Ali Frazier ’22 and Sarab Anand ’21

Emma Rose van der Veen: So far during the squash season what has your team improved on?

Ali Frazier: I think we have really improved on the fundamentals of the game and shots that we do in practice. We all put in a lot of effort and everyone shows up to practice ready to play.

Sarab Anand: Our team has improved a lot on being able to play a variety of opponents of different styles or who have different strengths and weaknesses.


ERV: What are your team’s goals for this season?

AF: Our goals are to improve on our game strategies and develop shots that work around every players game.

SA: Our goal is to ultimately work hard and have some fun.


ERV: What are you and the team looking forward to this season?

AF: I think everyone’s really looking forward to nationals this year, it’s in February and is a great bonding experience and we play a lot of squash!

SA: We’re looking forward to nationals where we can win as a team and work to do the best we can.


ERV: What is the motto your team plays by?

AF: Our motto is to put in a lot of effort and to never give up when playing a tough match. When we play we have to work around the mental and physical aspect of the match and the person you are playing.


ERV: Personally, what is your favorite part about the squash season?

AF: My favorite part is definitely the matches we attend and that fact that I get to play with a bunch of my friends everyday!
SA: My favorite part of the squash season is the late night dinners or conversations coming back from an away game when we can all chill and have some fun.


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Emma van der Veen

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