Spring Art Show 2019

The Student Art Show is an annual tradition at Blair Academy. Each year, students’ art is hung up in the Romano Gallery to showcase their hard work and dedication.

The pieces are displayed in a salon style: there is no organized system in which they are hung up. The show features an aggregation of different artists who work in different mediums, including graphic designers, photographers, ceramicists, and studio artists. Students of all levels have their pieces featured.

This year the art show will be held on May 3rd, prior to the Spring Concert. Pieces are also displayed outside of the gallery, so be sure  not to overlook them. Below is an image located near the entrance to the gallery, taken by Lydia Richardson ’20 of model Mavric Crotty ’20.

Mr. Thomas refers to this as the most exciting art show of the year, and Mrs. Sykes says she is very excited for all students to be recognized.

One thing to note while attending the show is to not touch the art, especially the ceramic pieces. As stable as they may seem, it is fairly easy for them to be knocked over. As in many museums, you should not wear a backpack in the gallery because you can accidentally bump into a piece.

Don’t forget to make your way over to a television screen which is located on the right side of the gallery. This screen will display “Your Blair Art Stars,” a rotating album that highlights an array of artists. Your work could even be selected, so make sure to check it out.

Among the artists featured are Lydia Richardson ’20 (AP photo), Sami Cerami ‘20 (Ceramics 2), Helena Frawley ’20 (sculpture/ceramics 1), and Justin Leung ’19 (AP Studio Art).

Some of the artwork I admired, and suggest that you check out are:

The ceramic faces by freshman Savannah Leach ‘22 and Sophie Papadopoulo ‘22 for Ceramics 1.

A multimedia 2-dimensional art piece done by Ceci Fralick ’19 for AP Studio Art.

Kelsey Jackman’s ’20 minimalist self portrait for 2-D Portfolio.

And a collage on gun violence and school shootings by Meredith O’Neill’s ’19 c for Meaning and Media.

Some other pieces you should check out on your own are Jai Bakshi’s ’20 photos which feature David Ojabo ’19, entitled King Ojabo; Sejal Grizzetti’s ’19 charcoal and pencil drawing of a hyper-realistic heart; and Helena Frawley’s ’20 pieces which include her depiction of Billie Eilish.

There are so many remarkable pieces done by Blair students, including work featuring members of our community. Pay special attention to the seniors’ pieces because this may be the last time you get to see their work. As always, remember to be respectful of the art and for the artists who created them, and enjoy the show.

(Copyright 2019 Julia Thomas)