Spotify Club Launched

An exciting club has been introduced at Blair this year: the Spotify club. With 80+ members already, there clearly seems to be something attractive about it. I decided to interview the founder of the club, Brian Park (‘19), and ask him a few questions:

Q1. What made you come up with the idea?

BP: I love listening to music and even more than that I like sharing music with my friends. My friends and I like to bounce new songs off of each other that we like. I wanted everyone to be able to share that experience.

Q2. What are your plans and intentions for the Spotify club?

BP: After the long weekend, we are planning on our first meeting, where people can play songs that they like and share them with the group. I will bring my big speaker, and we will be around Mason Hall. There will be games, hopefully some food, and good vibes.

Q3. Who are the other leaders of your club and why are they important.

BP: My boys Will (Lerouge) and Huy (Do). We are all from different places, and have unique tastes in music. I think it is really cool to share the different types of music that we like.

Q4. Who is your faculty advisor and why did you pick him?

BP: My faculty advisor is Mr. Thomas (Art teacher). He is also my advisor. We are really connected because we have a similar taste in music and that is actually why I picked him as my advisor to begin with. He is a G once you get to know him and he has fire playlists. You should ask him about it.

Q5: Why should someone join the Spotify Club? What do they get out of it?

BP: I think everyone likes to listen to music, and so far we have gotten a pretty good response from the people who joined. If you like listening to music, hanging out with friends, and in general just having a good time, you should definitely think about joining the Spotify club.

(Copyright 2018 Joseph Min)

Joseph Min

Joseph Min is a Junior from South Korea.