Spooky Blair Stories

We’ve all been at least a little bit curious about whether or not Blair is haunted, and here are some campus ghost stories provided to The Oracle by Mr. Evans and Mr. Moore that will keep you up all night. Don’t read ahead if you don’t want to be awake in your dorm waiting for these spirits to show up at your window– even if you live on the second floor. Happy Halloween!

Dead Girl

People have reported seeing a little girl in the basement of the Dining Hall. She was seen by a delivery man who used the basement pathways to unload a truck. When he came back upstairs, he asked who the little girl down there was. When the staff told him that it was a ghost, he refused to return to campus to make deliveries. Several people have seen the ghost, but no one knows the origin story for the apparition. 

Hanging Man

Back in the 1900s, Blair Academy burned wood to warm the campus buildings. When the conveyor belt that transported wood into South Cottage stopped working, somebody had to fix it. The business manager went down to examine the situation and what he saw utterly terrified him: a maintenance worker had hung himself. His feet jammed the belt and caused it to stop. It’s rumored that this tragic death caused the small, six-bedroom South to be haunted. 

Death by Disease

One Winter Long Weekend long ago, a young faculty member didn’t show up to his classes after the break to teach. When news got out that he didn’t show for up class, Mr. Clarke’s mom went down to his apartment on the second floor of Freeman, a boy’s dorm, only to find that he had died of walking pneumonia over the weekend. People say his spirit haunts Freeman to this day.

Hidden Body

In the 1970s, Blair students hid booze by Blair Lake, digging holes and covering them with leaves to keep it well-hidden. One night, a group of students went down to the lake and uncovered the holes, expecting to find their hidden drinks. Instead, they found the corpse of a young dining hall staffer. Police investigated and discovered that she had been murdered by another dining hall worker. The culprit was found guilty, served his sentence, and now resides in Blairstown.

Prefect in the Fire

For those who don’t know, in the late 19th century, Insley had a huge, dramatic fire. Students say that at night they can still hear the ghost of the brave prefect who went back into the burning building to rescue a missing student and sadly perished. People report hearing someone yelling “Fire!” from the basement where he died when the building collapsed on top of him. 

A Chilling Romance

In 1915, there was a student named Jenny whose spirit is now known to wander Locke and Insley Halls. She was in love with a boy who left the Academy to fly planes in World War I. He kept in constant contact with his sweetheart, sending her letters. As many know, letters took quite some time to arrive at their destinations, and soon after he left his love, his plane got into a wreck and he died. When his final letter reached Jenny, she had already heard the news, and the young man had already been buried in a French cemetery for weeks. Jenny left the school soon after receiving the letters because of mental health issues, and she died not long after. Many believe that the paramours roam their respective dorms, Locke and West. Their ongoing search for each other continues, even in the afterlife.

We hope you enjoyed these spooky Blair Academy ghost stories, and that they got you sufficiently excited for Halloween. Have a spooky and paranormal day! Go Bucs, beat Peddie!

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Ari Albino

Ari, short for Arelis, is a Hispanic 14 year old girl from Colorado Springs, Colorado who just started Blair Academy. Ari Albino is hoping to become a writer. Something about Ari is that she loves to watch and read scary things, enjoys listening to conspiracy theories, and loves to listen to spooky podcasts. Ari's favorite holiday is- of course- Halloween.