Sophomore boys encounter “unusual situation” at Siegel Property

Two sophomore boys encountered a very unusual situation last week at the Siegel Property. Sam Czaja and Will Pinkerton were fishing in the Blair Lake when they saw something move in the water. “We were planning on taking a dip anyway, despite the cold, so we were already in our swimsuits” says Sam, “We decided to go into the water to check out the thing that kept resurfacing.

Blair Lake in top right
Blair Lake in top center

Will explains the details:

We swam out to the middle of the Lake. It was cold, so we decided to go in, but next thing I know I feel something pulling on my leg and I can’t find Sam.

Will swam to shore quickly and upon looking behind him, he saw Sam swimming back. “I was pulled under,” says Sam, “It was very scary.”

Although Sam and Will do not plan on going back to the Lake anytime soon, many students have chosen to go to Blair Lake in attempts to find what is now referred to as the Blair Lake Monster. Many are skeptical, but as for Will and Sam, they believe.

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Jack Saxton

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