Something About the Hunger Games

Apparently, there is a winter event at Blair entitled “The Game.” If you ask me, “The Game” sounds like a dumb horror film, but upon further inspection, it seems to be something similar to a layered, far too intense game of tag.

As a freshman consumed by growing confusion and curiosity, I had to ask around and see what this mysterious event entails.

For starters, I asked the first person I saw, Abigail Morris ‘20. According to her, “The Game” is when “students and participating faculty members are assigned “targets,” who they must seek out and tag with a sticker in order to eliminate them from the competition. At the end of the game, the remaining group of players is restricted to the bowl in order to determine the champion.”

After hearing Abby’s perspective, I went on to ask the beloved Ms. Litvin ‘10, who said, “ ‘The Game’ is an exercise in experiencing the power of paranoia and developing strategic alliances. It asks you to think critically about trust and the relationships you’ve built with others around you, sometimes relationships with unlikely individuals who may not be your everyday friends. ‘The Game’ requires artfulness, manipulation, and self-awareness. Nobody else’s strategy will work for you – only you can dictate whether or not you will contend for the final round in the bowl.”

I asked my prefect, Audrey Sacks ‘20, who said, “ ‘The Game’ is basically a giant, schoolwide game of tag where any buildings are “safe zones.” You are assigned a specific target that you need to eliminate by putting a provided sticker on them. People will often be seen bolting across campus, hiding in the bushes, and attempting to disguise themselves during “The Game.” This usually goes on for over a week!” This statement may imply that “The Game” requires athleticism in order to win, as you will need to physically run away from your pursuer.

A fellow Oracle writer, Emma van der Veen ’21, interviewed Thomas Walker ’21. He described “The Game” as “intense, especially at the beginning of ‘The Game.’ The campus spirit is always really high. It’s a lot of fun to be a part of a campus-wide game.”

I can finally gather some sort of idea as to what “The Game” truly is based on this information. It seems as if people are running and hiding every which way from the person who is supposed to get them out, and if they get out, a new, poor soul must fear their target. It seems as if the person who is supposed to “eliminate” you must mutate into a borderline psychopath, and develop powers of both manipulation and possibly stalking in order to win. As someone who fears being “hunted” in the bowl, I can’t say I know whether I want to win this year – but I certainly want to see who does. 

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Kass Strunk

Hi, I’m Kas! I’m a three-year junior at Blair Academy and this is my second season doing oracle. I’m interested in writing about events happening both around the world and in the Blair circle.