Snacks to Afghanistan

For my LEADS project, my roommate Jazlyn Albino ’21 and I decided to send care packages to Afghanistan, where Jazlyn’s mom is deployed.

LEADS is a once-a-week course where sophomores develop their skills in the six core values of Blair: leadership, effective communication, global engagement, self-awareness, ethical decision-making, and service. Every E2, the whole sophomore class meets with their LEADS groups, where they design their own service opportunities to hone their leadership skills. .

In late February, Jazlyn and I came up with the idea for our project when we were talking about her mother’s deployment. As a commander of the Forward Resuscitative Surgical Team, her mother has to serve in Afghanistan for one and a half years with eight other members. Jazlyn also mentioned how she had personal connections with other soldiers on the team because of her mother.

After her mother got deployed, Jazlyn often called to ask her if there was anything that was going on other than the war, and her mom told her that all the people on her team were craving snacks from home. The base camp that the soldiers stayed on in Afghanistan only served basic food, meaning that there were no desserts and sweets.

We thought it would be a nice surprise present from us if we sent the nine soldiers in the unit care packages full of snacks. We bought treats from Acme that we ourselves enjoy  and packaged them to send overseas

We are planning to ship them on Wednesday after school, and we hope they like their surprise!

(Copyright 2019 Elle Choi)

Elle Choi

Elle Choi is a two-year junior from South Korea.