A Small Sacrifice; A Big Impact 2

There comes a point in everyone’s life where he or she may feels that they cannot accomplish a certain task, reasoning that they are inferior or too small. I am going to deliver the cliché message that you can do anything. I often feel helpless in my endeavor to stop using plastic and attempts to influence my friends to do so as well. It is for this very reason that it is easy for people to think that they cannot make a difference against the huge industry that is the plastic business. On the grand scale, not using a plastic bag at the grocery store seems so minuscule that you might as well go and do it because you forgot your reusable bag or didn’t even have one in the first place. This one plastic bag could not possibly make a difference right? Wrong. Every single piece of waste counts, every single plastic bag has the potential to pollute our water or choke a turtle. The problem with feeling small is that almost everyone does. And when everyone feels small, no one tries. This is a trend that must be broken; you are one of the millions of people that you imagine have to contribute to stop pollution. You are– in a strange way- everyone.  Because everyone feels small and everyone doesn’t think they can single-handedly change the world, you just have to pretend that you are big, and maybe one day you will become so. Change starts with you.

(Copyright 2016 Sadie Loeber) 




The Oracle Staff