Slow Burn

Last Thursday night, Blair Academy welcomed Julia Hechtman to the Romano Gallery to talk about her exhibit Slow Burn. The artwork ranged from videos of various landscapes in Iceland to still photographs of shells and rocks. Her videos often featured her wearing a Chroma key suit with landscape or body of water projected onto it. The suit allowed Hechtman to become the landscape: visually showing her love and appreciation for the land. Her other videos are an exploration of the earth and the otherworldliness she is able to bring into it through editing. One video of the Icelandic coast at first bogles the mind. The logic and physics of the landscape being filmed appear slightly off; however, upon closer inspection one notices that Hechtman flipped the clip upside down to catch the attention of the viewer, which makes them look closer. Another video is an absolutely stunning clip of a sheet blowing in the wind. It has the image of flowing water cast onto it, creating a dynamic composition of movement. Again and again Hechtman manages to capture the absolute beauty of the land around her while infusing just enough strange to cause the onlooker to more fully examine the piece.

 (Copyright Sadie Loeber)

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