“Slam” Dunk, “Says” Student Body

Blair Academy welcomed Slam Poet Andre Bradford for the first time on January 17 to rave reviews. His poetry covers an array of topics from race, to gun control, to mental health awareness, and relationships.

Andre Bradford, a.k.a S.C. Says, is an Austin-based Slam Poet who has been performing since 2013. He has toured and been featured at venues and universities across the country. His work has been featured on the Huffington Post, Blavity, The Culture Trip, and by the Edge Radio, . Andre Bradford has been passionate about live performance since the age of 15, thanks to his high school theatre program. He graduated from USC School of Theatre and then moved to Austin. In 2014, he found his passion through Slam Poetry. Bradford is a two time Austin Poetry Slam Champion, a two time Texas Grand Slam Finalist, and a Nation Group Piece Champion.

His Chapel received great reviews. According to a Google Form sent by The Oracle, about 92% of the students who answered (60 people out of 65), said that they thoroughly enjoyed the poet and what he had to say. Many liked how S.C. Says was raw about his personal life and how honest he was with the audience. One responder said that S.C. Says “was the most amazing Chapel so far. He was so open and comfortable talking about stigmatized topics.”Surprisingly, a majority of the students had never heard about Slam Poetry. 53% of the students who answered (about 36 people out of 69), were unfamiliar with Bradford’s work. 
Despite many being unfamiliar with Slam Poetry, 94% of the responses (63 people out of 67) said that they would like to see similar Chapels. One student emphasized that “Blair should bring more people who are more willing to talk about topics that truly impact our community, especially regarding mental health, compassion and diversity.”

To learn more about him and his work, check out Bradford’s website.

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Ally Kim

Ally is a graduate of the class of 2020.