Siblings: A Blessing and a Curse

Having a sibling at Blair is both a blessing and a curse. While it’s nice having someone you know will always be there for you, there are also some downsides.

Both of us have had first-hand experiences with having siblings at Blair: Madison Cerami ’18 and Danny Sysler ’18. Having an older sibling gave us further insight into school events and traditions that others in our grade were not yet familiar with. We had constant updates on information circulating the school, from drama, to the positives and negatives on classes and teachers at Blair.

On the flip side, it was not always fun having siblings at the school. This mostly applies to older siblings, but we have been told that sometimes it is annoying to have to look out for your little brother or sister on their first, nervous day. As younger siblings, we feared living in the “shadow” of our older siblings and not being distinguished from them as individual people. Not only that, but it quickly became easy to grow tired of our siblings, as we were constantly encountering them on campus.

We interviewed a number of Blair students with siblings here, and this is what they had to say:

Katie Miller ’21 said, “ I never thought that I would love going to the same school as my sibling as much as I do. It brings us closer together,” and Sejal Grizzetti ’20 agreed that “it’s nice knowing someone always has your back.”

Becca Groseibl ’20 stated, “It’s convenient and fun a lot of times, but sometimes you spend too much time together.” Her sister, Melissa Groseibl ’22 agreed that she does enjoy having her sister on campus, but “you get sick of each other.”

Robbie Donnelly ’20 was “apprehensive to have a sibling at Blair at first” but is glad to see that his sister, Sadie Donnelly ’22, has “adjusted well to Blair” and the two have “grown closer as a result of seeing each other more.”

Both Lula Mantegna ’20 and Olivia Scialla ’20 agreed that while they both feel secure knowing they always have someone they can rely on at school, it can sometimes be annoying having them “constantly know your business,” because word spreads so easily around campus.

Tanner Humphrey ’19 stated that:

having a younger sibling at Blair is a lot like seeing what could’ve happened if you took a different path during your time here. By senior year, we’ve all made a name for ourselves on this campus and are known for certain things. It’s always been interesting to see how my brother has chosen to take his path while here and to make the most of his Blair career. It’s almost as if I’ve gotten to experience Blair twice, in two different ways.

Kate Antonelli ’20 said that “It took time to get used to [Sammi ’22] being around all the time but she and I have gotten a lot closer this year because of it.” A negative would be that at times sometimes Kate  space from her sister and it’s harder to do that because they go to the same school. Overall, she has “really enjoyed having Sam at Blair.”

This year at Blair, there are exactly 45 groups of siblings, 8 of which are twins. Here’s the whole list of them:

  1. Sarab ’21 and Simar Anand ’21 (twins)
  2. Kate ’20 and Sammi Antonelli ’22
  3. Kerem ’19 and Etka Ayhan ’22
  4. Karenna ’19 and Victoria Benanti ’19 (twins)
  5. Cam ’20 and Dylan Bentley ’22
  6. AJ ’21 and Skyler Bogdan ’22
  7. Andrew ’19 and Matthew Brooks ’21
  8. Ryan ’19 and Skylar Cino ’22
  9. Michael ’19, Vincent ’20, and Louis Colaiocco ’21
  10. Kevin ’21 and Clay Dittman ’22
  11. Aidan ’19, Owen ’21, and Megan Donaghy ’22
  12. Robbie ’20 and Sadie Donnelly ’22
  13. John ’19 and Hope Dragonetti ’22
  14. Curran ’20 and Caelan Folino ’22
  15. Aaron ’20, Muriel ’20 (twins) and Ilyssa Gibson ’22
  16. Alex ’19 and Will Gieson ’21
  17. Sejal ’20 and Alex Grizzetti ’22
  18. Becca ’20 and Melissa Groseibl ’22
  19. Justin Jiang ’22 and Max Gao ’22 (twins)
  20. Tanner ’19 and Logan Humphrey ’20
  21. Nolan ’19 and Grace Hogue ’21
  22. Tom ’20 and Anna Insana ’21
  23. Madison ’19 and Morgan Jones ’21
  24. Liam ’19 and Sam Junkerman ’22
  25. Abby ’19 and Liv Kreider ’21
  26. Jake ’19 and Lula Mantegna ’20
  27. Trevor ’20, Travis ’21, and Trent Mastrogiovanni ’21
  28. Ryan ’20 and Katie Miller ’21
  29. Abby ’20 and Brendan Morris ’22
  30. Emia ’20 and Ina Musabegovic ’22
  31. Emily ’19 and Matthew Neuffer ’21
  32. Ryan ’19 and Jessica Pasquali ’21
  33. Grace ’19 and Chloe Rayer ’20
  34. Faith ’19 and Selena Sanchez ’22
  35. Olivia ’20 and Addie Scialla ’22
  36. Kate ’19 and Alexa Setteducate ’19 (twins)
  37. Priscilla ’20 and Evelyn Sharma ’22
  38. Elise ’20 and George Sigety ’21
  39. Maruta ’19 and Annele Sipols ’21
  40. Aidan ’20 and Brendan Stockhausen ’22
  41. JJ ’20, and Kayden ’22 and Will Thomas ’22(twins)
  42. Jess ’19 and Jenna Van Valkenburg ’21
  43. Robert ’21 and Thomas Walker ’21 (twins)
  44. Corrine ’21 and Jessica Wilm ’21(twins)
  45. Colton ’19 and Riley Yee ’21

A couple of faculty members also have siblings on campus.

  1. Kelsie (faculty) and Ceci Fralick ’19
  2. Tessa McEvoy (faculty) and Andee Ryerson (faculty)

Overall, the positives of having a sibling at Blair outweigh all the negatives. We surely had our ups and downs, but we both had great experiences, and it seems like many students with siblings at Blair agree.

If you have a younger sibling who is considering joining you at Blair, then we encourage you to convince them to come!

(Copyright 2019 Sami Cerami Mollie Sysler)

Mollie Sysler

Mollie Sysler is a four-year senior. She is an editor of the Oracle and is looking forward to continuing writing and editing for her remaining time at Blair.