She Shoots, She Scores: An Update on Girls’ Varsity Basketball

After a string of away games for the first half of their season, the girls’ basketball team finally had a series of home games.

At the end of January, the girls had three consecutive home games against Hill, Lawrenceville, and Life Center. The Bucs won all of the games, with a score of 75-48 against Hill, 67-26 against Lawrenceville, and 87-44 against Life Center.

Although it is nearing the end of the winter season, the girls have only had four home games so far. Their first home game was against the Hun School on January 9. Similar to their other home games, the girls won with a score of 92-35.  

After the convenience of playing at home, the Bucs went back to playing away before the MAPL championships, going from King’s Christian, to Mercersburg, and finally to Life Center Academy. Although the girls won most of these games, the Mercersburg game was particularly special because Camille Clarin ’19 scored ten three-pointers, making her the fifth highest three-point shooter for girls this year in New Jersey.

The MAPL championship was also spectacular. It took place at Peddie, where the girls won against Mercersburg 67-26 at the semifinals, and beat Lawrenceville 76-47 at the finals, making the Bucs the MAPL champions for the ninth year in a row.

Camille Clarin ’19 struck again with her three-pointers, this time breaking her own record and making 11 three-point shots during the finals. This puts her in second place for the most three-point shots made this year, with 77 shots.  

The Bucs have had another amazing season so far, with all of the players playing phenomenally. The girls have one more home game before they fight for the States title.  

Ally Kim

Ally is a graduate of the class of 2020.