Shakespeare in Hollywood

Hi, I am Matthew Bottone and I played Jack Warner in the play “Shakespeare in Hollywood.” I think that the experience of being in a play changed as opening night came closer and passed. The audition was exciting because you didn’t know what character you could play, or if you would even get a part. I found myself staying up all night, waiting for the email with the cast list, and when I saw that I got a part, I was freaking out, but in a good way. Then came the first rehearsal, and from then on it started to be challenging. At least for me, a freshman, it was difficult to juggle school work and the play at the same time, but it was possible and completely worth it. Fast forward a couple of months and it was opening night. The nerve wracking intenseness that I had right before I went on stage for the first show was terrifying, but it also pushed me to go on. The second night was a bit easier, and when closing night came, it was a relief. However, saying goodbye to the stage was also sad. This show that many amazing people have worked so hard on is now just a memory consisting of nothing more than mere pictures and videos. After every play however, I had the memories of all the fun things I did: how difficult it was to memorize lines, the new people that you wouldn’t have otherwise met if it weren’t for the play, and the exhilarating feeling of walking on stage, with all eyes fixed on us. This show was a wonderful experience and I encourage everyone to try out for one some time during his or her time at Blair.

(Copyright 2016 Matthew Bottone)