September 2015 Caption Contest

The first Blair Oracle Caption Contest of the 2015-2016 school year has begun! For new students, this contest provides an opportunity to express yourself through a comedic interpretation of an uncaptioned cartoon. All cartoons are created by Blair students. To see earlier contests, click the links below.

Please submit your captions through the comments section or through email. If you select comment as guest, you will not have to make an account to comment, but please use your real name and email address. The winner(s) will be decided by the Oracle Editorial Board, and announced at the end of the month.

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Submit your Caption!
Submit your Caption!


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Cartoon by Tys Sweeney; full copyright retained.


The Oracle Staff

  • Linda Tong

    Vineyard Vines advertising campaign gone wrong.

  • Alec Valle

    Straight outta the ocean

  • Luke Corrado

    Slidin’ into yo dm’s like…

  • Sena Nedehou

    Whales got me like…

  • Reo Aono “Chubchub”

    Kill a whale , eat a whaleb

  • Jimmy Jim “The Goose”

    The doobs

  • Eric Markus

    Mermaid: “Oh BOUY, I SHORE hope we don’t swim into Moby Dick! I might have a BREAST-STROKE”
    Sea Beast: laughs hysterically from blowhole, “You KRACKEN me up, boss.”
    Mermaid: “Thank you FERRY much, slave.”

  • Carolyn Conforti-Browse

    Hallucinating during crew practice

  • Joebe Mandel

    Darn my whale has beached again, better call Oceanwide, my whale insurance provider.

  • JVP

    shoulda sat somewhere else than my blowhole #youcan’ttameme

  • Matt Vinci

    Whale you be mine?

  • Hannah

    Compton, living the California dream

  • Rebecca Xi

    Mermaids don’t wear shirts…

  • Yueqi Du

    The equivalent of human horseback riding for mermaids.

  • Sadie Britton

    The “In the Heart of the Sea” movie looks great!

  • Max “Bonzo” Bonzulak


  • Peter Bearse


  • Phil

    it’s really just a dolphin

  • Phil

    Keepin’ it whale – Phil “Take Home To Your Momma” Hettiger

  • Madame Bowditch

    Moby meets Ariel

  • Andrea Dorsa

    Whale, whale, whale…

  • Reo Aono

    These whales ain’t loyal