Senior Citizen: Freshmen

The combination of tons of new faculty kids, along with an influx of baby-faced, tiny freshmen makes me continually confuse the two. Overall, the freshmen seem pretty ok. I don’t have a lot of interaction with them but they seem to clump together like a bunch of magnets. You almost never see a freshman by themself. It’s as if they are unable to overcome the gravitational force of not looking alone to walk to the Can.

The freshmen seem to only appear in three places: their dorms, the Can, and the Insley porch. I don’t think I have ever seen a freshman in the CIC when they’re not required to be. I think they tend to be intimidated by the upperclassmen. I know several freshmen, mostly from activities, and they seem to be crazily positive. I do not know what drives them but I think it’s a mixture of optimism and ignorance.

Unlike last year, the freshmen this year seem to respect the senior class a lot less. I think it’s in part because we’re nicer to them and are more approachable than seniors of past years. On one hand, it’s nice to think that we’re a nice grade, but on the other hand, I really did want the freshmen to be more deferential. Seniority is all but ignored. A great example of this is school meeting, where I will often see underclassmen rushing out of the auditorium before seniors have a chance to leave.

Nevertheless, the freshmen do crack me up. They just have such boundless energy. As an old geezer, I just cannot understand where it comes from. They are constantly doing things. In Insley, they have a huge supply of Nerf guns and are always running around playing capture the flag or something similar. It’s really great to see that they are starting to get more comfortable at Blair and as a result are coming out of their shells.

The freshmen that I do interact with are honestly the highlight of my day. They bring a positivity to Blair that I think a lot of the upperclassmen could have more of. They are unaware of impending college applications and standardized testing. And ignorance is bliss.

Ryan Green

Ryan Green is a senior at Blair Academy. He is a contributor and the Head Line Editor at the Oracle. As well as working with the Oracle he is a member of the Varsity Rowing team and Captain of the Model UN team.