Scarpetta (New York City) Restaurant Review

Despite its $28 price, Scarpetta’s spaghetti with tomato and basil makes this Madison Avenue restaurant a must-visit if you’re in New York City. The restaurant also features appetizers, salads, seafoods, and basic meats. However, they’re best known for their handmade pastas, in particular the dish mentioned above. Although the dinner portion price is steep, the lunch portion of this dish is only $24. This still may seem like a lot for pasta, but as Ted Allen from Food Network said, it “was worth every penny.”

Scarpetta’s famous spaghetti has been praised in numerous articles and has been featured in the Washington Post, LA Weekly, CBS, NBC, Time Out, and Forbes. It’s also been seen on Tony Bourdain’s show and The Best Thing I Ever Ate. In one LA Weekly article, the author, Noah Galuten, interviewed Scott Conant, the celebrity chef who used to work at Scarpetta. Conant stated that “his seventy-five-seat restaurant in New York once served close to two-thousand portions” of their famous spaghetti in only one month.

Scarpetta’s bread basket is also highly acclaimed. Their stromboli and focaccia bread basket, which includes butter mascarpone, citrus-herb infused extra virgin olive oil, and eggplant caponata, was written about in New York Serious Eats, where they called it “a hands-down winner.”

Scarpetta even offers pasta making classes, where they teach you how to hand make their signature spaghetti from scratch. It costs a $100 per person and includes wine and appetizers while you cook. As their website says, “all you need to bring is an appetite.”

Along with its modern decor and delicious food, Scarpetta is one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the city.






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