San Gennaro

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The Feast of San Gennaro

This upcoming Sunday Blair is holding their traditional school trip to the San Gennaro festival in Manhattan, New York. The San Gennaro festival lasts for about ten days, and the students of Blair Academy are lucky enough to experience one of the ten. This festival gathers at an estimated one million people together, during the course of the ten days, to the streets of Little Italy. The festival was originally a one day religious gathering where newly arrived immigrants of Naples, Italy came together to continue their tradition of celebrating the Saint Januarius. But overtime it has grown where everyone is welcomed for some amazing food, drinks, games and music. I was fortunate enough to attend the San Gennaro festival with Blair last year. One of my greatest memories of the trips were constantly finding fried Oreo vendors and begging my friends to stop so I could buy a few, and end up spilling the powdered sugar all over myself. Here are a few “pointers” on what to expect at San Gennaro:

  1. The street holding the festival is very long, so you wanna bring shoes that are comfortable
  2. For the females, bring a purse and don’t carry your money in your pocket or just your wallet. Sometimes people in New York develop the “sticky finger” and might take your money
  3. Once you’ve walked around a little bit, branch out to wherever the school allows you to go – with friends, never alone – and explore New York City

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(Copyright Andra Espinoza-Hunter 2015) (Photo Credit MusikAnimal Wikimedia Commons)