Sadie: You Won’t Know Until You Go

Each January, Blair Academy hosts a winter dance, often referred to as Sadie. As the new year rolls around, students look forward to many things, among them being the winter dance. Well before the actual dance, students start to look for their dresses and dates for Sadie to take their minds off of the gloomy winter weather. However, many students are hesitant when it comes to the dance. Although some like to go all out, making posters for their dates and glamming up, many don’t seem to be bothered.

Many students feel like they need to go rather than want to go. Peer pressure plays a big role in this. While many don’t like the idea of Sadie, they still go because they would rather be around their friends than alone in their room. Most of the juniors feel that the food isn’t worth the $20 tickets and some just don’t like the pressure of having to ask someone. One junior said that she felt as if Sadie was more for the freshmen since they haven’t experienced it yet, but for the rest of the students, it can feel repetitive, especially since the dance goes on for about four hours (including the pictures and dinner) and includes the same activities every year.

This doesn’t mean that Sadie is absolutely horrible. Many students are thrilled at the thought of dressing up and going back to the dining hall to have fun with their friends. It is a great opportunity to get closer to new people and spend time with those you already know. The future is unpredictable. Who knows? Maybe this year’s Sadie will be the best one Blair has ever organized. You won’t know until you go.

(Copyright 2019 Ally Kim)

Ally Kim

Ally is a graduate of the class of 2020.