Roundtable on Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

On Wednesday, October 18th, the Young Republicans Club and Young Democrats Club co-hosted a conversation on the issues surrounding the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. This was the second conversation about the controversy. During the confirmation process, Dr. Christine Ford, a college professor, accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault. Kavanaugh denied the claims. He was confirmed to the Supreme Court on October 6th but the issues are still being discussed around the country and the world.

The clubs decided to meet together in order to more effectively discuss the issue. However, at the most recent meeting, the people who showed up overwhelming identified as conservative. This led to an imbalance, but didn’t lead to the suppression of Democrats’ voices.

Overall, the conversation was cordial, but it was more about cases surrounding sexual abuse and who to believe than Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Recently, questions of evidence and who to believe has become more important in a variety of ways. The students discussed how to best proceed in cases like Justice Kavanaugh’s, where there was no clear evidence. They also discussed statute of limitations and why Senator Feinstein (D-CA) didn’t reveal the allegations by Dr. Ford until late in the confirmation process.

The conversation then took a turn towards more Blair specific actions when faculty involvement in student discussions was brought up. Complaints were voiced, such as how faculty tend to contribute somewhat homogenous views and discourage students of different beliefs from speaking out. The group felt that this most recent format, with no faculty participation was a success and looked towards it as a way to continue conversation.

Ultimately, both sides deemed the conversation to be productive. The head of the Young Republicans Club, Patrick Reardon (‘19), is planning on organizing more intersectional events in the future. Hopefully, they all will be as cordial as this was.

(Copyright 2018 Ryan Green)

Ryan Green

Ryan Green is a senior at Blair Academy. He is a contributor and the Head Line Editor at the Oracle. As well as working with the Oracle he is a member of the Varsity Rowing team and Captain of the Model UN team.