Richard’s Wordplayce

“A Word”

The beauty of a word,
Like the song of a bird,
Stays an instant,
Then is forever gone,
But one may still listen,
In spite of the rush,
To a wondrous and beautiful,
little bird’s song.


The quiet sounds of the dying leaves,
Those fallen children the earth bereaves,
As the world does change to dust,
As wood rots and metal rusts,
More die as the days go on,
Their quiet sounds,
An unheard song,

But soon the the earth will be renewed,
Trees of green and skies of blue,
So fear not as time does pass,
For nothing is truly made to last.

Copyright Richard Gimbel 2020

Richard Gimbel

Richard has been writing poetry for 3 years and is a member of the class of 2024.