A Recap of Sophomore Speeches 2017

On the evening of Tuesday May 2, the Sophomore Speech competition took place in Armstrong-Hipkins’ DuBois Theatre. Ten sophomores, including Daisy Kahn, Teddy Balestro, Anthony Moore, Summer Will, Jill Rogers, Rachael Davis, Jess Schable, Matt Bottone, Jaqcue Chen, and Grace Rayer, gave clever and articulate speeches, each representing the creativity and zest of the class of 2019. The speech competition required every sophomore to write and deliver a speech to his or her own English class. The class then voted to select an individual to go forth and give the speech in front of the sophomore class and others in the Tuesday final. The ten who presented truly showed individuality and poise in the well-rehearsed speeches. Jill Rogers, “one in a Jillian,” delivered a witty description of her uniqueness. Matt Bottone heartwarmingly illustrated what it’s like to go to a prep school from a place where that is uncommon. Jaqcue Chen delivered an impressively memorized and well-developed speech about her immense restraint in life as a girl, and how she demonstrates those skills through a video game. The originality of the sophomore class, and of Blair as a whole, has once again been displayed superbly, this time through the Sophomore Speech competition of 2017.


(Copyright Summer Will 2017)