How to Prepare for Peddie Day

Peddie Day is almost here! Are you ready to beat those chickens and bring back the Kelley-Potter Cup? If you haven’t been to Peddie before, here is some advice to help you survive the day.


  1. Bring a pillow. The bus ride to Peddie is about two hours long. Don’t waste your energy on the bus– save it all up for the competition. You’ll be better able to leave it all on the field knowing you have your trusty rectangular cloth bag stuffed with chicken feathers waiting for you at the end of the day.
  2. Wear warm clothing. The month of November can be rather brisk, so it’s important to layer up, buttercup. The weather can change drastically, especially from the morning to the afternoon. A vest and sweater would be excellent choices.
  3. Bring earphones and prepare a pump up playlist. You need to pump up to Buc ’em up. While you’re at it, download a few games. It might get boring when we’re winning 10-0.
  4. Bring a lot of snacks.  Peddie Day is long, and you may find yourself feeling a bit peckish. We’re bucs, not chickens — we don’t get peckish. Even though there is a food tent, you should be prepared to supplement with your own snacks.
  5. Be prepared to walk a lot. Unlike us, Peddie has lots of unused, underdeveloped spaces– even though Peddie’s campus is only about half of Blair’s 463 acres. They do not have a CIC. Be prepared to feel a distinct lack of collaboration when walking the fields that lay barren this Saturday.
  6. Bring a water bottle. Hydration is key whether you’re competing or cheering on your classmates. Make sure to fill your reusable, Tys-supplied water bottle to keep yourself motivated and quenched. Remember Tys is always watching.

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