Poem by Naratorn Sereeyothin

April 2


by Naratorn Sereeyothin
A place where space is almost limitless
A place where spectacles of gases make up scintillating spheres
A place enshrouded by mysteries where discoveries have yet
The universe; a gigantic library with trillions of shelves, filled with books, harmony to the ear.

The Solar systems, shelves that are occupied with books, revolving in an endless cycle around the “Mother” Planet.
With each year passing by, a new page is turned, and with every decade, there is a new chapter
A cycle of each planet around the “Mother” planet, the face of a watch, an hourglass, waiting to run out of sand and battery as it visually tells a story, rotating its ever changing face.

Existing in different variations, these planets are a collection of volumes that express different emotions
Sometimes, a cold face,
Other times, a hot face,
Mercurial as it sounds, the planets’ gravitational pull are always trying to attract in Rubidium, Cobalt, Iron, Selenium, Zinc, Chromium, Silver, Cesium, Antimony, and Scandium.

Being pulled in to it is being sucked into a whole new world
Books are the library of the universe, but their voices don’t only reach out to a person’s soul
Their voice permeates to all.


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