Poem by Adham Sobhy

April 28

by Adham Sobhy

Getting ready to step inside the court
To battle it out with my appointment
Carrying my squash racket
Eager to begin the match
You have seen oak trees before
Tall trees with thin branches sticking out
But climbing this tree is a battle
Beginning on the ground
Slowly making my way up the tree
Using my brain to decide which branch to grab onto next
Struggling to pull myself up
Constantly slipping on the branches as some snap off
But holding myself up with all of my might
Because if i were to fall, I would have failed to climb the tree
I will have a second chance to climb this tree in the future
But I keep trying to continue moving up it
And once I make it to the top
Dripping in sweat as my body aches
I will accomplish my goal
And I think about what tree I am going to climb next