Play on Words

Every once in awhile I will hear my mom say a pretty strange phrase that may seem perfectly normal to her. Whenever she’s feeling a tad lazy and wants me to do her a favor, her go-to phrase is, “I can’t do it because I have a bone in my leg.” Well duh, of course she has a bone in her leg, I would be worried if she didn’t. SMH. Apparently during her time, that was a current phrase that everyone said. I mean you gotta do what you gotta do.

Today’s phrases are a little different from her time though. It’s really difficult, but I have to stay woke will all of the slang, so I did a little research on current turns of phrase. Today, most of the current slang comes from these things called memes. A meme, according to the most reliable resource ever, Urban Dictionary, is not just a word, “it is a lifestyle.” And it’s pretty much true. This generation thrives off of the internet where these so called “memes” originate.

This ain’t it chief, today’s society is massively declining from the phrases of yesterday to the slang of today. I’m completely shook by the things my family says. I mean, “spill the beans” (even though I’m lowkey fake since I say this all the time), if I actually spilt beans it would take ages to pick them up. TBH I have no intention of spilling my beans.

I can’t even with some of the things I’ve heard throughout my many years. It’s all fake news if you ask me. “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater,” bet, well maybe I want to. What it’s actually saying is don’t get rid of something valuable with something that is not necessarily desirable. I never would have been able to interpret that meaning without someone explaining it to me. It’s a real lit time listening to adults try and explain their oldy slang to me. I get a real kick out of it.

Exactly how on fleek do you expect a certain saying to be though? Not everything can be retweet-worthy. RIP all those phrases that bit the dust in the early 2010s, like “scrub,” jelly,” “ratchet”– oof, I’m dead. It’s honestly a struggle listening to those words play in my head, they really take me back to the good ol’ middle school days where everyone was just on point and thriving. YOLO, gotta live your best life, am I right? LOL, JK. What a big mood, if you were anything like me, you were a complete mess, but whatever.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of funky, fun, phrases of then and now. I think it’s time to hit the hay though. I’ll BRB with an even more cringy article 😉

(Copyright 2018 Emma Abbott)

Emma Abbott

Emma Abbott is a junior who enjoys embracing her creative writing styles that may not always be what is wanted in a typically structured English class.