Photo Caption Contest

Submit a caption for the photo below through the comments section for a chance for it to be published in The Oracle! The winner will be selected on Wednesday, April 22nd by the Oracle staff.

(Copyright Tys Sweeney 2015 – Photo Copyright Tys Sweeney 2015)



The Oracle Staff

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  • Savannah Doelfel

    What the inside of Mr. Fortunato’s garage looks like.

  • Samuel Adams

    …still not enough.

  • Rebecca Xi

    Coke, anyone?

  • Kathy Griggs

    Can someone help me carry this to Mr. Fortunato’s office?

  • Doerr

    Old school SATs had analogies:

    Diet Coke w/ Lime is to Coke as
    a) HoHo’s is to Mrs. Facciani
    b) A&P is to Wegmans
    c) Pizza Express is to Cesco’s
    d) Peddie is to Blair

  • Will Sigety

    The Official Drink of Blair Academy

  • Susan Schneider

    Job security!!

  • Marivelle Davis

    “you put de lime in de coconut and drink it all up”

  • Clem Cash

    diabetes – now with lime

  • Ben Czaja

    Fortunato is a basement

  • Ian Day

    Fortunato is an attic.

  • Droun Tiwari

    Fortunato is an addict.

  • Rachel Stone

    In a parallel universe, where diet coke with lime is as essential as oxygen…

  • Misa Kim
  • Susan Ferrera

    A palate for the palette has arrived….ahhhhh, it’s the real thing, but with lime!

  • Jenna Faust

    When you run out of room in your house #justfortunatothings

  • Chris Fortunato

    The true nectar of the gods.

  • Peter Curran

    Refill please…

  • Ethan Amato

    Mr. Fortunato’s shipment is here

    -Ethan Amato

  • Alec Lawless

    I’m in love with the coke coke

  • Tys Sweeney

    Special delivery…

  • Max Bonzulak

    “Chris, a package arrived for you this morning via. the post office… please stop by the faculty work room to pick it up a.s.a.p. 🙂

    -Kathy Otinsky”

    -Max Bonzulak

    • Mr. Cross

      Package 1 of 2.