“Frosh Perspectives” and “Senior Citizen” on Move-In Day

This is a combined report co-written by Ryan Green and Dylan Bentley, who will be running the columns “Senior Citizen” and “Frosh Perspectives,” respectively.  They will show perspectives of seniors and freshmen on different issues at Blair.

Senior Citizen

By Ryan Green

This move-in day was the one I was most and least nervous for. On one hand I had done this many times before. On the other this was the last time I’d ever be moving into Blair. This year is going to be filled with last “everythings” all while counting down to graduation.  As I was driving up to Blair I realized that this move-in day was my first “last.”

I was able to quickly unpack, having done it several times before. The check-in process was a series of reunions with teachers and classmates. I remember being visibly offended when a parent helping with the check-in desk asked me, “is this your first year?”

The best part of move-in day is getting to see your friends, most of whom you haven’t seen since the school year ended. It’s a great opportunity to catch up in person and exchange stories of the summer.

One of the most different things this year is the relative isolation of the dorms. Everyone is in different dorms whether prefecting or not and as a result it is harder to stay in contact with people. It’s a stark contrast to freshman year when my entire class was in one dorm.

With the first day out of the way the senior class was supposed to head to a ropes course. I would have been excited but the forecast was for rain. However, numerous seniors complained to the administration with confidence and entitlement that we had gained over the years and our voices combined with potential danger moved the orientation from a ropes course to a bowling alley.

The bowling alley itself was actually really fun, but it more served as a vehicle for various groups to hang out rather than to get to know others better. The best part about this year so far is that people seem comfortable with the grade and more relaxed than we’ve ever been. Some of this is bound to disappear with college application deadlines beginning to loom over our grade. Overall this year seems like it is going to be the easiest socially but at the same time the most stressful academically (at least before senior spring).

Frosh Perspective

By Dylan Bentley

All summer long Blair was an idea, one far from reality until September 8th rolled around. Standing at my first ever move-in day I took in my new reality and I liked it. With the help of prefects (and my Mom) I lugged all of my things into my room.

Smiling faces greeted me as I was asked what floor I was living on. At first, I was overwhelmed as to how I would fit all of my clothes, photos, and school supplies into my room. While clothes were being unpacked, the halls of Locke soon began to buzz with chatter and energy as new students arrived. Moms, dads, siblings and dogs all assisted the move-in and soon bare rooms were filled with posters, colorful bedspreads, and school supplies.

Looking at my completed room, it finally hit me that this was going to be my home. Blair Academy was where I was going to spend not only this year but the next three as well. With that thought, I became very nervous about my first day. Making friends was one of my biggest concerns.

Thankfully, my nervousness was relieved during orientation. Team competitions allowed me to meet my classmates from Blairstown, Hong Kong, and Nigeria alike. Conversing with them proved just how nervous we all were. As our smiles grew wider throughout the competitions, I could tell that we were becoming friends. I am still a little nervous, but I am excited for things to come.

(Copyright 2018 Ryan Greene & Dylan Bentley)

Ryan Green

Ryan Green is a senior at Blair Academy. He is a contributor and the Head Line Editor at the Oracle. As well as working with the Oracle he is a member of the Varsity Rowing team and Captain of the Model UN team.