Peddie Week Caption Contest

Special Edition: Peddie Week

[box]This special edition caption contest will run for two days: Tuesday (11/3) and Wednesday (11/4). Only captions pertaining to Peddie Day or School Spirit will be counted. Use the comments section below to submit your captions. Enjoy![/box]

Let's have some dinner...
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(Image Copyright 2015 Tys Sweeney) (Copyright 2015 Blair Academy Oracle)


The Oracle Staff

  • Serena Ninomiya

    Thanksgiving shall be served with the Potter-Kelley Cup and the Falcon, for the main dish!

  • Caroline Devlin

    Peddie is yellow
    Blair is blue
    “Where’s our falcon?”
    “Don’t mind if I do.”

  • Keenan Worthington

    This chicken about to get roasted worse than Meek Mill.

  • Jack Saxton

    Blair: “If you haven’t had enough chicken at our formal dinners, Come to Peddie on Saturday for a Feast!”

  • Samantha Tsang

    It’s well-done!!! Let’s dig in!!!

  • Alec Lawless

    Don’t be such a chicken.

  • Jack Saxton

    like for a tbh

  • Matt Vinci

    We out here finna roast them chickens bro

  • Luke Corrado

    Cooked with Kevin Hollidaze mixtape.

  • Blake Wilkey


  • Paula and Emma (Roomies)

    When you roast Peddie so much they start to have an arnold schwarzenegger tan

  • John Zoetjes

    Yum…This chicken is as good as it tastes when we eat away Peddie’s glory on Saturday!

  • Niall Sheridan

    Just cooked up some Falcon.

  • Matt Dev

    You used to call me on my cell phone
    Late night when you need my love
    Call me on my cell phone
    Late night when you need my love

  • Siena Tipton

    When bae walks by and you’re trying to act natural.