Peddie Eats? We’ll see.

Recently, Patrick Donaghy, Kate Sykes, and Catharine Berry-Toon started up a new Instagram-based club called Blair Eats (@blaireats). If you’re a Blair foodie, then is is an account you know well; they post often, sharing pictures of delicious meals, snacks, desserts and more. Others obviously wanted to get in on that hype, because a little over a week ago an account called Peddie Eats (@peddieeats) opened up.

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It’s not what you might think: our biggest rival trying to trounce us on social media (we all know they could never do that), but instead, it is a parody account that shares images of food scraps and refuse, including a dead animal and an oreo without the cream filling.

In the last few weeks, the new Peddie Eats account has received over 100 followers, and they continue to grow by the day. One way they attract new fans is by switching the letters around in Blair student’s name and parodying their activities: “The midnight snack is milk’s favorite!! Thanks Saham Aobey for this half-eaten Oreo!! Hope you all got your Blair Day gear orders in!!”

As we near Peddie Week, some students are wondering if the creator of this comedic account will step forward to bask in fame, or whether they will remain forever anonymous.

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Sade Johnson

Sade Johnson 17' is a contributor to The Oracle and a student at Blair Academy. Make sure to share her article on Facebook!