Parents’ Weekend

This year, midterm grades are being released before Parents’ Weekend. Upon discovery of this, I decided to investigate what students and teachers thought about this shocking change. After asking many people about their opinions, I have found frightened students and teachers as well as a few blissfully unaware of the storm yet to come.

When hearing about this I was excited, then I realized that I would not be able to avoid my parents for the few weeks after grades came out. Immediately after realizing this I regressed into the fetal position and started rocking back and forth. Even though I would be seeing my parents, I would be meeting them after grades were released.

As I went to spread this disturbing news, I found many others were not frightened; they were even excited. A senior commented that she was “super excited.” When asked if she was afraid of the grades coming out before parents’ weekend she screamed and exclaimed, “my parents are going to butcher me.” This contrasts with another senior who claimed he was “not really concerned… I will get what I get.”

I also asked Mr. Matt Thomas his opinion of the matter. He responded, “The change puts some added pressure to get assignments and grades on the books a little earlier in the year.  It’s important to strike a balance between gathering enough assessments to accurately report on my students’ progress while avoiding overburdening students with too much work. Conversely, I do think it can be helpful to have these grades when meeting with parents to talk about students’ early progress.”

There are some students who have acted responsibly by informing their parents of their grades. I would suggest taking a leaf out of their book and doing so as soon as possible. If it is truly too late for you the Oracle has a list of tips on how to survive parents’ weekend.

Good luck!

(Copyright 2018 Arjun Chopra)

Arjun Chopra

Arjun Chopra is a junior at Blair and is a second year writer for the oracle. Apart from the Oracle Arjun is a varsity debater on the Blair Speech and Debate team.