Oracle Purge Coverage: Day 2

Yesterday was another exciting, and deadly, day in the field. The gamemakers announced that more than 150 people had been eliminated in the early hours of the game on Thursday, and it’s well known that many people were eliminated yesterday as well. Emily Cort shared a brief story of Mr. Mazza’s betrayal on the steps of Hardwick: “I kindly offered to help my good pal Mr. Mazza escape from his killer this afternoon. He thanked me and asked me to walk in front of him on the Hardwick steps as he hid behind me. As soon as I opened the door and began my descent, he put a hand on my shoulder and said, “All is fair in love and war…sorry Em.” I looked down to see that Mr. Mazza had put a red sticker on my shoulder. He had just killed me. Not cool, Mazza. Not cool.” I guess the moral there is, still, trust nobody. You probably shouldn’t even trust yourself.

By the second day, it seems, only the strongest and luckiest have survived. Apparently that doesn’t include me, because despite being dressed as a spy and using maximum stealth, Jack Carney still managed to chase me down last night and eliminate me. It was a job well done on Carney’s part. And a story of a job not well done? We turn to Steph Gibson, who was too “awkward” in attempting to eliminate her target, and ended up hiding in a tree. Nice job Steph!

The third day of the Purge is upon us, and today the gamemakers will be reshuffling the remaining names. Good luck to those of you that remain!

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