Oracle Purge Coverage: Day 1

Today’s chapel marked the beginning of the 2016 Blair Purge. Members of the community left Armstrong with high hopes of attacking their target only minutes after the game began. “Within the first hour over 50 students had been eliminated,” says game maker Shoshana Geller. Among the people eliminated in the several minutes following Chapel was Mr. Fortunato, eliminated by Abby Bodner. Many more were eliminated in between classes, before and after practices, and minutes before study hall. Alliances have been made, people have been betrayed, and energy is high. It is safe to say no one can be trusted and it’s every man for himself. Many are determined to win, going to crazy lengths in order to stay alive amongst the mania. Every elimination brings Blair closer to the finish, yet we are still so far. The Purge is bringing out sides of people we never knew, and no student, teacher or faculty member is safe. The tricks for staying alive are pretty simple:

  1. Watch your back: you’re the only person you can trust .
  2. Stay indoors, the more you’re outside the more likely you are to be eliminated.
  3. Keep a low profile as much as possible (do NOT draw attention to yourself)
  4. Talk to no one, you never know who’s listening…

These tricks are more defensive than offensive, but still useful. Let the games begin, and remember to always have fun!

Watch out!

(Copyright 2016 Tatum Fuller and Grace Rayer)