Oracle Announces Dorm Contest Winners

The results are in from the Oracle’s “Best Dorm Room” Contest! The contestants submitted pictures of their dorm rooms, and it turns out there are some pretty cool dorms on campus! The residents of the winning dorms will each receive a $10 gift card.

The winner of the girls’ best dorm room is Meredith O’Neill!

The runner up is June Dinias.

The winners of the boys’ best dorm room are Nate Castimore and Tom Santiago!

The runners up are Max O’Halloran and Simon Dong.

Thanks to all who submitted entries!

(Copyright 2018 Elizabeth Negvesky)

Elizabeth Negvesky


Elizabeth Negvesky, 17, is a four year senior at Blair Academy from northeast Pennsylvania. She is excited to be joining the Oracle team again as senior editor for the 2019-2020 school year. Her interests include writing, yoga, pottery, and archery. She looks forward to growing the Oracle in closer conjunction with the interests of Blair’s diverse student community.