New Student Starter Pack

As a new student, I know that coming to Blair can be an overwhelming experience, especially when school first starts.  It can often be a bumpy transition, so here are some suggestions for where and what to shop for that I hope you will find indispensable:

Where to Shop

1. Dale’s Market

About a 10-minute walk from Clinton Hall, Dale’s is a small grocery store where students can pick up snacks and restock supplies. If you ever want chips or candy, Dale’s would be the place to go. I find that many students can get hungry outside of mealtimes, so I would recommend that you store some snacks in your dorm room. Additionally, Dale’s stocks toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, dental floss, and toothbrushes. 

2. The Bookstore 

The Blair Academy Bookstore is also a good place to shop for necessities. Located in Hardwick Hall, it has a wide range of Blair merch such as sweaters and stickers, as well as a selection of stationery and other essentials. If you lose your pencil case or need a binder for a class, the Bookstore will have suitable replacements ready for purchasing during its business hours, which are posted on the door. You can pay with cash, credit card, or with your student ID card. 

3. The Can

Formally known as the Black Canteen, the Can is a great place to get snacks when meals are not being served in the Dining Hall. It is located to the right as soon as you enter Hardwick and is a fun place to go with friends after classes, during free periods, or conference blocks. You can pay with either cash or a student ID card. 

4. Rockaway Mall, Target, etc. 

Sometimes on weekends, Blair will organize trips to nearby malls, restaurants, and shops to fulfill the needs of students. These times are announced during School Meetings and you can sign up in the Student Life Office. 

What to bring to Blair  

1. A computer case or bag

If you are bringing a computer to Blair, it is a good idea to either use a case or carry it in a bag. You never know what will happen; after all, it’s not impossible to drop your computer, spill water on it, etc. Furthermore, the fee for fixing a broken computer is much pricier than the fee for a bag or a case. Better to be safe than sorry. 

2. Reusable water bottle 

This is pretty straightforward, but the importance of a water bottle is often overlooked. Water bottles are incredibly essential, especially for those who play sports. Hydration is vital for health and wellbeing. It is necessary for optimal brain health and operation, which in turn will assist concentration. Be sure to either bring one or purchase one. There are water dispensers in each dormitory, so it is worthwhile to locate those as well. 

3. Tissues/wet wipes

I find that it is beneficial to have tissues in your dorm room. I thought I would be fine with paper towels, but it is an inconvenience to not have tissues when you need them. For example, if you have a runny nose during the wintertime or if you want to clean your tabletops, tissues or wet wipes would be extremely helpful. 

4. Pencil holder/pencil case 

At Blair– or anywhere, really– I found it convenient to have a pencil case to carry to my classes as well as having a stationary pencil holder on my desk. Moreover, I discovered giving your pens a set location is useful whenever you’re trying to find a writing utensil. 

5. Lanyard or pocket for your ID card

Each student receives an ID card when they arrive at Blair. A card is easy to misplace, but at the Bookstore, you can purchase a lanyard or a stick-on pocket for your phone. These are both good places to put your ID card, though you can always put it inside your phone case or wallet if that is easier. 

6. Earbuds or headphones

In my experience, earbuds or headphones come in handy. For one, if your roommate is practicing pronunciation for their language class and you need silence for your lab report, or you want to watch a video without bothering your roommate, it is worthwhile to have a pair of headphones.

Of course, this list is only a start. If you have more recommendations after reading this article, please feel free to list them in the comment section on our Instagram post. Follow us @blairoracle. 

I hope that this list will be helpful to you as you start your Blair experience. 

(Copyright, 2019, Emily Wang)