New Shade for Olivia Jade

Remember Olivia Jade? Daughter of Full House actress Lori Loughlin, Olivia is the YouTube sensation that gained admission to the University of Southern California through a $500,000 bribe. Since the scandal broke, Olivia has remained silent on her YouTube channel and has since kept a low profile on other social media platforms. 

Recently, Olivia Jade broke the silence on her Youtube page by posting a two-minute video titled, “hi again.” In this video, Olivia doesn’t talk about her involvement in the college admissions scandal, stating, “I am legally not allowed to speak on anything going on right now.” Instead, she chose to announce that she misses her fans and wants to begin uploading again. As you might have guessed, the video garnered a lot of feedback. Her video received 4.7 million views and had 121,000 “thumbs up”s and 125,000 “thumbs down”s. The 50,000 comments on this video ranged from “I understand, but people just want you to be honest and genuine,” to “You should do a collab with Felicity Huffman’s daughter,” to “Moral of the story is: You’re a fraud.” The majority of the comments on her video seem to be negative.

YouTube isn’t the only platform Olivia is choosing to be active on again. She’s posted several Instagram stories recently, which have included a post about her love of Doritos and a TikTok of her and her boyfriend, Jackson Guthy, dancing. She also posted a selfie captioned “i hope you have a beautiful day.” Most followers were limited from commenting on this post. 

Will Olivia continue to post on YouTube and Instagram despite the hate? Will people forgive her for her role in the scandal? Only time will tell. 

June Dinias

June Dinias ’20 is an editor and writer that has been on the Oracle since her Freshman year. She has explored writing about various topics, focusing on art, food, and culture. She also manages our instagram account. Outside of the Oracle, June is an AP photo student and a yearbook staff member.