Nerd Recommendation: Steven Universe

This week’s recommendation is the crazy yet magnificent show, Steven Universe. If you had no idea that this show existed, then you’ve been deprived of greatness. I know I’m being dramatic, but, seriously, I love this show.

At first glance, the entire premise seems a little cutesy: we follow a group of three gemstone-based lifeforms, and a half-human, half-Gem boy named Steven. The three Gems, named Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet, were a part of a rebellion called the Crystal Gems. This rebellion was dedicated to protecting Earth from their home planet, Homeworld. Its mission is to suck Earth dry of all its resources in order to “birth” more Gems. Of course, that would kill all life on our planet.

Rose Quartz leads the rebellion against Homeworld, as she saw the innocent beauty of Earth, and falls in love with the planet. Rose Quartz and her Crystal Gems remain on Earth for thousands of years, defending it from any enemy attack.

Later, in the late 1990s, Rose Quartz falls in love with a human named Greg Universe, and, as young couples do, they are soon expecting Steven. This news would normally be happy, but not in this case: a Gem has never reproduced naturally before; it’s just not how their biology works. A gem is “born” like a real gemstone: in the ground, not via a mother and father. When Rose “gives birth” to Steven, her gemstone, which is located on her stomach, is transferred to Steven. This means that Rose Quartz cannot exist at the same time as Steven.

The Crystal Gems have a very hard time understanding why their leader would make such a sacrifice just to have a child. Nothing like this ever happened before. Will she come back someday? Is Steven just another form of Rose Quartz? Will Steven have more human or Gem traits? These are only a few questions that the Gems, and we viewers, are still asking.


Steven (left) and Connie (right) fighting the monsters in a hospital, created by Ceci Fralick


As the show goes on, we see Steven struggling with all of the baggage and secrets that his mother left for him to deal with. Steven is just as loving as his mother, and we see on multiple occasions how selfless he truly is. However, as someone defending Earth from aliens, one can’t just be a lover. All Gems have a weapon that they are born with that comes from their gem. Steven has a shield to both protect and fight.

All of this must be a little confusing– I know– and it is just the background. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the show’s actual storyline. There are so many feels, so much drama, and oh so many tears– shed by both the characters and by the viewers.

There’s a lot of lore, uncertainties, and questions, and I cannot wait for all of them to be answered!! Overall, this is the best show I’ve EVER seen. The fact that I’ve had the pleasure of watching the story unfold gradually, rather than just bingeing it like any other show, has been so, so, SO fun. You should start watching now, so you can have that same experience. Absolutely an 11/10 show.

(Copyright 2018 Ceci Fralick)