Cyber Security & Closing the Technology Gender Gap

This Tuesday, January 31, at 7 PM in Cowan auditorium, the Director of Education from the non-profit organization Girls Who Code, Emily Reid, will give the Skeptics lecture.

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Before going to Girls Who Code, Reid worked as a researcher, engineer and technical adviser at the Cyber Security Technical Center at MITRE. MITRE runs multiple federally funded research and development centers, and a number of government customers were among Reid’s clients there. She had security clearance.

Reid earned her undergraduate degree in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science at Tufts University. During her masters at Columbia’s Center for Computational Learning Systems, Reid performed statistical analysis on the effect of the way language is used and how it impacts social norms, including those around gender, using artificial intelligence.

Reid, the daughter of a kindergarten teacher and a college professor, always had a fondness for teaching, but she never pursued it as a full time career option until 2014, when she started teaching for Girls Who Code.

Reid will share her experiences with the Blair community tomorrow evening.

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