My World

My World

April 22

by Rebecca Xi

I sit here gazing at the blue painted pole

around which is twisted a cheap plastic vine.

Around a barren, frozen, snow-laden tree,

emerald holly with scarlet berries entwines.


I look at the tiny Christmas tree on the desk

with thin golden ribbon running round and round.

A looming, gorgeous turquoise-blue spruce

casts stretching shadows on the snow-coated ground.


I tilt back my head and look at the ceiling,

fluorescent lights and piping and all.

I push myself off from the snow and leap up

like a pouncing cat – but back down I don’t fall.


Instead, I soar higher and higher, till finally

the air grows too thin to breath. With one last

look at the stars, I gently float down to earth

and glide to the top of a snowy pine tree.


I rest on a branch and observe my surroundings:

white frozen forests and stretching white plains.

In the foggy distance, pale misty mountains

raising jagged heads adorned with snowy crowns reign.


Here I am, in my own private world,

and my beautiful, perfect world I’ll never leave.

Scoff all you want: my world will always

be more real to me than your galaxy.


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