My New Best Friends

When I walked onto campus for registration day so many thoughts were running through my head… What if I get lost? Will the food be any good? Will I connect with my teachers and coaches? The number one item I was thinking about was… will I meet my new friends here, will they accept me and will I fit in?

When we first embarked on our Freshman Retreat. I could put names to faces of several classmates (mostly from pre-season.) For the most part, these people were strangers. I didn’t know names, where they were from or their interests. I will admit that the bus ride to Camp Johnsonburg was a bit quiet. We split up and headed into the woods as a group of bare acquaintances.

We talked a bit, learned names and then it all began… Can you imagine fitting sixteen teenagers on a small box (no piggy backing allowed)? What about guiding a marble across a finish line using only pool noodle pieces as a track? Weeding the garden as part of our community service felt great and if you ask any freshman, yes – we can recognize poison ivy! Then – thirty feet high in the trees, connected to a harness, holding on for our lives, I looked down and saw the faces of my new best friends. I realized these were the people I would spend the next four years with. The Blair family had just expanded and welcomed us as new brothers and sisters.

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