My experience as a new junior at Blair

Changing from my local public school to Blair in the middle of high school was a huge step for me, but I was desperate for a change after spending years with the same group of people. Although the thought of a change was thrilling, I was also extremely nervous, having never been away from home for more than 2 weeks during a summer camp.

Once I arrived at Blair, I was completely alone. I didn’t know anyone prior to coming to the school and since friend groups had already been established, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find my place. Luckily, after the first day of just sticking with the other four new junior girls, I was invited to sit at a dinner table with returning students. Their openness and willingness to get to know me really helped me feel a little less alone at Blair.

We talked for the entirety of dinner, and were the last table to leave. I found that I had many similar interests with the other students here and immediately knew I made the right decision to leave my old school behind, but, I began to become a little hesitant once I shared my schedule with my new friends. The teachers I was given had a reputation for being tough, and I was taking academically rigorous classes. I began to doubt myself, would I be able to keep up with the work? At my old school, I was given about 30 minutes of homework a night, and I soon became aware Blair would be nothing like that.  I was given nearly two hours of homework on my first day of school.

Although the workload was tough, I soon learned how to manage my time, and now, even with all my homework, I have time to read, watch Netflix, sleep, and draw without feeling overwhelmed and stressed. My teachers were available to help me during conference blocks, helping me work through difficult problems (thanks Razz). The two hours of study hall a night gave me plenty of time to complete my work, and I always found time to get things done during my free block.

Now that I have been at Blair for a couple months, it has become a second home. The staff, especially teachers who live in my dorm, have become more than just educators, but people willing to help me through a hard time. The people have only gotten more pleasant as I began to get closer with others. The classes, although difficult, challenge me and allow me to learn rather than just memorize information. I am so happy that I made the choice to come to Blair because I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else!

(Copyright 2019 Madeleine McNamara)

Madeleine McNamara

Madeleine is a new junior at Blair and is happy to be in the Oracle Team. She enjoys writing, reading, and art.