Mr. Compton’s Pizza

On Saturday night, Mr. Compton challenged Blair students to score five points before he could score 10, and if they succeeded, he would treat them to pizza.  The two students he played were Yichuan Yan and Jakub Sudol.

After an intense match between Yichuan and Mr. Compton, Yichuan had managed to score 5 points by the time Mr. Compton got to 17 points.  The two then made a deal where if Yichuan could score 1 point before Mr. Compton scored 20, he’d double the prize; however, if Mr. Compton reached 20 first, there would be no prize at all.  Yichuan ended up scoring the point before Mr. Compton reached 20, winning double of the original prize. Jakub, who is not a veteran of the Blair Squash program, did not succeed at winning a pizza from Mr. Compton, though he did get one point before Mr. Compton reached 10.


During the second challenge Mr. Compton is quoted as saying, “If you beat me now I’ll get pizza for you and your girlfriend.” And so it was done.

(Copyright Natasha Baker 2015)