Movie Review: Passengers

Passengers is a thrilling science fiction movie starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. Chris Pratt portrays mechanical engineer Jim Preston, who is a passenger on the starship Avalon, which is transporting thousands of human colonists to Homestead II, a planet similar to Earth. Passengers are placed in hibernation pods for the duration of the 120 year trip. However, a malfunction causes Jim Preston’s pod to wake him 90 years early, making him the only human awake on the entire ship. Unable to reactivate his hibernation pod, Jim realizes he will not be alive by the time the ship reaches Homestead II. He eventually accepts his fate and spends a year on the ship alone, his only companion an android bartender named Arthur. However, Jim becomes very lonely and decides to wake up another passenger, a writer named Aurora Lane, portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence. Jim decides not to tell Aurora that he woke her up, as she would be furious if she learned that he was responsible for her plight. The ship begins to experience more failures every day, and eventually Jim and Aurora must work together to rescue the Avalon in order to save the rest of the passengers still in hibernation.

Despite its many negative reviews from critics, I enjoyed Passengers and found it to be both captivating and imaginative. The beginning of the film was a bit slow, but the plot quickly became more interesting once Aurora woke up and Jim was not the only human character. The climax of the film was especially exciting, with Aurora and Jim trying to rescue the ship together. The acting was excellent; Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence presented their characters very well, and with great emotion. This movie is comparable to the films Gravity and The Martian, which also explore the idea of being stranded alone in space. Passengers is a truly suspenseful and entertaining film, and I highly recommend it to anyone willing to give it a try.

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Abby Morris

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