Meet Your Underclass Council!

With the arrival of the freshman class comes an exciting opportunity for a select group of new Blair students to earn a sought-after leadership role: Freshman Class Council representative. The group is central to the social life of their class, planning parties and events and advocating for administrative improvements. In their brief tenure thus far, this year’s Freshman Class Council has organized various endeavors, including a Powderpuff football game and the distribution of care packages. An array of personalities, some representatives of the Class of 2023 shared their thoughts on the position and their goals for the upcoming semester with Kayleah Strunk of The Oracle


Kayleah Strunk: Where are you from?

Chandler Glickman: Bernardsville, NJ.

Michael Mangino: Fredon, NJ.

Patrick Payne: Fredon, NJ

Emily Wang: Beijing, China 


KS: How are you liking Blair so far?

CG: I love it!… It’s a very welcoming place, the transition has been very easy.

MM: It’s great, I don’t dislike anything about it.

PP: I think it’s a lot of fun, I love it.

EW: Though I’ve only been here for a semester, I can already tell that I love Blair. The people here are extremely kind and I have so many opportunities to pursue my interests. 


KS: Why did you want to be on the underclass council?

CG: To be able to speak for my peers and let them have a voice and to be able to make freshman year fun for everyone, because this is when memories are made.

MM: I have had past experiences on student council and I thought it’d be fun to represent my grade.

PP: I don’t like when people complain so I figured if they complain to me, I can make a change and make their experience better.

EW: I wanted to be on the underclass council because of two main reasons. Firstly, I wanted to ensure that the voices of our class could be represented. I think that transparency and communication are important for a successful year. Secondly, I was hoping to meet more people and help organize events so the class of 2023 can have great memories this year. 


KS: What’s one thing you hope to change at Blair during your time on underclass council?

CG: I think we want more activities for freshmen and sophomores and to make the year as fun as possible.

MM: I think the main thing we’re working on is identifying what people don’t like, which is Freshman Study Hall, so we’re trying to change that for people.

PP: Honestly, I think just the general attitude, because I love Blair. I think it’s the best high school out there, and I just want to make everyone’s experience here as good as mine.

EW: As most Blair students know, Freshman Study Hall is a controversial issue. Some people find it productive, yet others complain, and find problem upon problem with it. Therefore, one of my first priorities is to gain a deeper understanding of the purpose of Freshman Study Hall, so that the other members of class council and I can work together to make the experience more enjoyable for both the freshman now and the students that are yet to come.

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Abby Morris

Abby Morris is a writer and editor at the Blair Academy Oracle. Since joining the Oracle her freshman year, Abby has explored writing about various topics, focusing especially on covering events and issues relevant to Blair. In her free time, Abby enjoys playing violin, reading, and spending time with friends and family.