Meet the Team: Sean Um

Sean’s enjoyment for travel along with his experiences from living in South Korea, Malaysia, and the United States have helped him develop strong global perspectives and backgrounds on different cultures that many people his age often do not have.

Sean’s fondness for travel comes from the fact that he has lived in many places, but it also comes from the fact that when he travels, these are some of the few times he can get together, meet, and strengthen relationships with his extended family. (Fun fact alert!) Having a grandfather with twelve siblings has definitely helped provide an ample amount of extended family for Sean, an only child, to get to know and hang out with on vacation. In fact, his grandfather’s siblings provided an excess of family members to the point where Sean is still meeting new relatives to this day, for the first time. And as a family-oriented guy, Sean embraces and enjoys this. He specifically enjoys meeting new family members, because they feel like automatic friends to him.

During a recent trip to Santa Barbara in California, he not only spent time cooling his feet off in the sand as so many who visit Santa Barbara do, but he also spent a lot of time babysitting and getting to know, for the first time, his new nephews and niece: David, Hunter, and Blair.

Currently a junior at Blair Academy, Sean is looking forward to the future and figuring out how he can blend his passion for travel with a college education. He plans to take a gap year before college to focus on traveling, which he plans to support by finding a job so that he can help fund his own travel.