Meet the Team: Peyton Schreiber

Imagine being able to escape from the real world just by doing what you love. Imagine being able to put it all aside, and just be in the moment. Imagine loving to do something so much that you want to do it for the rest of your life.

“I love imagining being in another world,” Peyton explains why she loves to read. She loves the stories, getting to know the characters, escaping from real life, and enjoying the choice of language used in books. At any moment, anyone’s word could change her entire mood. It all stems from language. Language is important to Peyton because it gives her the opportunity to learn and experience different cultures and more clearly convey her thoughts to a reader.

“It’s my form of escapism from the real world. I love engaging with a story and its characters and actually feeling attached to them, and I love it when able to imagine myself in that story. I love to write as well because I like to try to create that for somebody else.”

Peyton dreams of being an English teacher in another country. To share her own love and passion for words and the English language and its literature with the rest of the world. She wants to share her escape with others and create a new understanding. “I’ve always liked helping people learn, teaching in general. It’s a great way to travel and experience other cultures and languages, and I’d like to work with kids.”

“My ultimate goal for my life would be to travel the world and be able to communicate with people from every continent.” Expanding the types of conversations one can be a part of is just one of the ways language can be used to connect with others. She really wants to travel and immerse herself in other linguistic traditions as well as see the world.

Peyton’s biggest inspiration when it comes to her passion for language and literature comes from her grandfather, Barry (or Cy as her family likes to call him), who shares these passions.

Her other inspirations are her parents, “who motivate [her] and inspire[s] [her] to be [her] best every day and encourage [her] interests.”

Peyton’s escapes to her happy place, the world of imagination, through books, learning languages, and planning her trips around the world. All have informed what she wants to do in life and how to get there.


Mollie Sysler

Mollie Sysler is a four-year senior. She is an editor of the Oracle and is looking forward to continuing writing and editing for her remaining time at Blair.