Meet the Team: Mollie Sysler

Blair senior Mollie Sysler is a Locke prefect, co-president of the Jewish Student Union (JU), and an aspiring pediatric oncology nurse. She’s been a part of The Oracle staff since her sophomore spring and is now an editor. Her friends would describe her as “loyal,” and Mollie’s word to describe herself right now: “Happy.”

As a prefect, Mollie cherishes having the opportunity to grow close to all of her freshmen prefectees. She recalls not feeling very comfortable confiding in her own prefects during her first year at Blair and she remembers the feeling of being new to a community. She wants to be a role model and a person Locke girls know they can always go to to talk about all their best experiences and all of their frustrations and concerns.

Mollie finds it exciting how many people of her faith whose experiences she’s been able to relate to, no matter where they come from, not only at Blair but around the world as well. This year is her second year running the JU, and she is instrumental in providing a space for Jewish students to share in their faith and experiences together. She has found the Blair community to be very open, accepting, and inclusive. Mollie had the opportunity to travel abroad in Eastern Europe and Israel last year and met many other Jewish students her age with whom she was able to relate and she describes the trip as “the best experience of [her] life.”

Mollie is striving to become a pediatric oncology nurse, and she currently helps those in need through her charity work. She uses her talent for needle arts– knitting, sewing, crocheting, and needlepoint– to “design, donate, and distribute products for healthcare workers and patients.” (Check out her great work @molliemends on Instagram!)

Mollie is excited for another amazing year writing with the members of The Oracle staff and working together to bring many topics for discussion into the Blair bubble.

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