Meet the Team: Irene

Irene is a senior from Bundang, South Korea who has been part of the Oracle since her sophomore year. She enjoys doing graphic design for Oracle print editions, as well as writing articles on topics she finds interesting, especially Korean current events. When asked why she enjoys writing about this, Irene explained she was “able to use this chance in Oracle to research and learn more about some big current issues in Korea through my article,” something that was important to her because, before the pandemic, she was “in the United States for the majority of the year” and found herself “less informed about what was happening” in her home country than she would like. Some of her favorite things about Oracle last year were the Friday snacks and Dunkin Donuts.

When she is at home, Irene enjoys spending time with her friends and visiting popular cafés and restaurants. One of her favorite restaurants around Blair is Gourmet Gallery, and her go-to order is an iced chai and a grilled mozzarella panini. Her favorite café is Ladurée, which has branches in both New York and Korea.

Irene is also interested in science, and her favorite class is currently AP Biology. She also enjoys chemistry, and she finds it fascinating “to figure out how [biology and chemistry] are so closely interlaced with each other in living organisms.”

Her other interests include drawing and painting, and she says she has probably taken “all of the 2D Art courses available at Blair with Mr. Thomas.” Irene is currently in AP Portfolio and she loves to experiment with still life drawings and watercolor.

Irene has been a virtual learner since the beginning of this year and says she’s gotten used to it over time. Things are going well despite all of her classes happening at night because of the time difference, which means she tends to have to take classes and do work after midnight, and then wake up late in the afternoon the next day. Although details are still uncertain, Irene hopes she can return to campus in person around late April or May. Until then, she is excited to keep “writing more articles on our school events, student body, and world issues,” during Oracle’s spring season.

Evelyn Sharma

Evelyn Sharma is a junior and writer for the Oracle whose passions include music, reading, art, and anything else you can express yourself creatively through.