Meet the Team: Irene Jung

Irene is a four year senior from Bundang, South Korea. She has been a writer for The Oracle since her sophomore year, and she hopes to continue sharing various news about current events and school initiatives with the community.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Although it may be one of the most heard sayings, it is also Irene’s favorite quote by Mahatma Gandhi. With her passion for helping others, Irene hopes to provide better learning opportunities for children in underdeveloped countries through her club, Blair and Myanmar.


Combined with her interest in the scientific fields, especially Chemistry, Irene is an aspiring dentist who wants to provide direct medical care for people living in less developed countries around the world. This summer, she designed a 4-week long dental curriculum for Iraqi and Saudi Arabian children currently living in Korea. Through interactive exercises and activities like fluoride application, Irene taught them about cavity prevention and the proper way of their brushing teeth.

Besides her interest in science, Irene loves to write, paint, and watch movies. She is excited to continue creating great artwork with Mr. Thomas and keep writing about her interests in The Oracle for her remaining year at Blair.

Dog person or a cat person?
Irene is a dog person, and her favorite breed is Shar-Pei. Although she loves hanging out with dogs, Irene does not have a pet because she is allergic to fur.

Tea or coffee?
Irene prefers coffee over tea. While none of these options really work to keep her awake, she likes the bitter taste of coffee.

Frank’s or Cesco’s pizza?
Irene likes Cesco’s pizza more than Frank’s. Her favorite to-go at Cesco’s are the penne alla vodka and the Nonina pizza.

Reading the book or watching the movie?
Although many people argue that original novels are better than movies, Irene prefers watching the movies. She likes the visual aspect instead of merely reading the words.

Night owl or morning lark?
Irene is a night owl. She may stay awake for extra hours, but she can never wake up earlier than her usual wake-up time.



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Fiona Han is a freshman from Shanghai, China. She is a writer at The Oracle who is interested in philosophy and psychology.