Meet the Team: George

Throughout his life, George Gan has lived in three different countries: China, Switzerland, and the US. While George is proudly Chinese, he is in many ways, a citizen of the world. He attended a Chinese public school until fifth grade before transferring to the Aiglon School in Switzerland. Nestled in the Alps, the Aiglon School exposed George to the wonders of nature. He fondly recounts going skiing down the Alps during the winters and hiking and mountaineering during the summers. His favorite experience at Aiglon was when he and two of his friends were dropped off at a random spot in the Swiss wilderness and had to find their way back to school with just a map and some food.

George was nevertheless willing to leave behind the pristine landscape of Switzerland so that he could get a better formal education in the United States. He plans to attend an American college in the future.

George is currently the president of the Investment Club at Blair. The four things that intrigue him most are “the impact that economic policies can have on the financial sector; the Sino-U.S. relationship and its impact on the world economy; the role of the government [in economies] (Laissez-Fairism v. Keynesianism); and …the intersection of traditional economic thinking and other social sciences (behavioral economics, experimental economics).”

At his core, George possesses an honest curiosity about the world and how it works. That curiosity perhaps explains why he enjoys finding his way through the Swiss wilderness as much as he is fascinated with economics.